*To this year, we know each other for ten years,
*and I'm a pragrammer,
*so I write some codes to show my love to you.
*even though you can't understand what this is,
*but you can see my love for u.**/
Boy i = new Boy("Patron");
Girl u = new Girl("Cherry");
// Jan. 18, 2011, I told you I love you.
// Luckily, you accepted and became my girlfriend eversince.
// Sine then, we began the Long Distance Love,
// and I Miss U everyday.
// Even though, the distance between us more than 2000 kilometer,
// but you know,my Love for U never descrease.
// We all want to get marry,
// but we know it's not easy.
// So I know I must enhance myself,
// and I'm doing this now.
boolean isTime = false;
while (!isTime) {
// I think it is an important process
// and I'll never give up.
isTime = i.fightOver();
// After a romantic wedding, we will live happily ever after.
Cherry, I have fallen in love with you for
Love u forever and ever.
- Patron